Designing the Abeingo Youth Program: Why?

  • For many young immigrants, reconciling cultural conflicts is a difficult task.
  • To create a clear understanding on trying to combat racism and prevent gun violence in the community.
  • To assist high school students acquire their 40-hour.
  • There is need to provide a forum for the youth to discuss the challenges and create shared solutions.
  • The is need to create a forum to discuss inter cultural and intra cultural issues that the youth may face in Canada.
  • To engage the youth – keeping them busy- and make them responsible citizens being children of two worlds.
  • An attempt to mentor them into something positive in life.
  • To provide career counselling, hobbies and networking.

This is achiveved through :

  • Skills Development – workshops on conflict resolution, stress management, time management, media literacy, team building etc.
  • Youth to contribute on the website, organize trips activities, stories, essays.