Ever Lasting Life Success Reflections:

The book Everlasting Life Success Reflections demonstrates potency for tangible significance on the quality of life. It is an easy read bridging Scripture truths to Main Street by providing opportunity to reflect, engage, or redirect trajectories from everlasting life success limitations to everlasting life success enhancements.

As parents it offers a springboard to dialogue with our children with the view of inculcating internal positive value strengths. The desire being that these strengths would lead to transformations from undesired states to desirable ones that celebrate everlasting life success.

Of particular interest are the youth who are invited to participate in this journey of building their lives on firm foundations.

The author writes from a personal and ministry vantage point, and interactions noticed with the practical applications of the Gospel.

Pastor Jairo is a graduate of Tyndale University College and Seminary. He is currently working to complete master’s program and has extensive Christian ministry for over 25 years.

Everlasting Life Success Reflections is priced at CND$20.00 plus CND$5.00 shipping. Contact Pastor Jairo at: everlastinglife@yahoo.com.

For every book purchased CND$5.00 will be donated to INUA Scholarship Fund (www.inua.ca)