Responsible Citizenship

Responsible citizenship is about individuals who realize their obligations to take actions that ensure their community is healthy, safe and secure. A responsible citizen participates in their community to promote personal and public good.

Being a Responsible Citizen

You can be a responsible citizen by demonstrating individual responsibility through:

  • Using appropriate strategies to resolve conflicts
  • Demonstrating integrity and dependability
  • Recognizing how individual choices and actions affect self, family and community


By practicing a healthy lifestyle through:

  • Accessing, analyzing, and using resources to promote wellness
  • Demonstrating the ability to identify, avoid, escape or manage potential risk situations


By understanding and promoting the democratic principles of freedom, justice and equality through:

  • Respecting and defending individual rights and property
  • Practicing democratic processes by participating and voting
  • Acknowledging that all people have innate worth

Participating in activities that promote the public good by:

  • Understanding economic, political, social and environmental systems
  • Working toward improvements in society
  • Identifying and taking action to meet community uneeds


Building Community

Examples of how to make a difference:

  • Say “Hi”
  • Walk more, drive less
  • Have a block party
  • Cook with your friends
  • Cut your neighbour’s lawn or clear your neighbours snow drive
  • Volunteer for community events
  • Plant trees
  • Share your garden with a friend
  • Vote
  • Invite others into your home
  • Organize a pick up sports game
  • Plan a games night