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Abeingo Awards 2019

Gladys Kivia accepts a 2019 Abeingo Award in place of her late husband, Derick Lwugi post-ceremony


The following were honored with Abeingo Community Service Awards -2019 for their outstanding contribution to the Kenyan Canadian community. Presentations done on November 30, 2019 during the Annual Fundraising Diner.

Derick Lwugi (Posthumous)

Derick Lwugi died in the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302 crash on March 10, 2019. His passing came as a total shock to all of us in Abeingo Association Canada. He was a founder member of Abeingo Association Canada. He came to Canada in 2003 landing in Mississauga, Ontario.  

For the time he lived among us in the Greater Toronto area, he selflessly served our community in a number of ways before he moved on to settle in Alberta in 2004. Being an accountant by profession, He was instrumental in helping found our association and set up the financial management structure that has served us well over the years and enabled our organization to flourish and grow into one of the most respected community welfare organizations.

Derick served on the Abeingo board three times between 2004 until his time of passing Sunday March 10, 2019. He represented our members in Western Canada. Over the years worked closely with other board members to resolve the challenges we face as a community. He never shied away because the problem was controversial or complicated. He was always motivated and eager to give back to society. His main interest was to see to it that the elderly were looked after and youth thrived and were able fully realize their potential.

He was a champion of Abeingo programs including those that focused on mentorship and career counselling for the youth. Upon moving to Calgary true to character, Derick mobilized members of the Kenyan Community in the City of Calgary and formed the Kenyan Community in Alberta (KCA) in 2008. He served as the first President of the organization until 2012. At the time of his passing, besides being a Senior Financial Accountant in the City of Calgary, he volunteered as assistant pastor at the Trumpet Call International Ministries serving in the Ogden Community of South East Calgary.

He was a pillar and a beacon in our community. He served us with humility and joy. The community will forever miss his laughter, his insights and enthusiasm. This was a tragic loss not just to the family but to the entire community here in Canada and Kenya.

RIP Derick. 

Zipporah Malemo

Zipporah Malemo is a founder member of Abeingo Association Canada.  Zipporah has a background in Business Administration and Accounting and is a practising Banker. She is an accomplished professional in the financial sector and has received many accolades for her work ethics and commitment. Besides her professional standing, she has held a number of different positions in Abeingo Association and in the GTA community over the years including serving as Treasurer of Abeingo Association and Abeingo Sango Inc. She has served on the Social Committee (is current Chair) and on the Fundraising committee. She has volunteered to lead sessions in many of the Abeingo grant funded projects including the Senior’s program and Diabetes program.

In her various leadership roles, Zipporah is an avid relationship builder and has exhibited an appreciable style that has endeared her to others and to be highly respected in the community. Zipporah believes strongly in the mission of Abeingo and her excellent reputation within and beyond Abeingo contributes to why Abeingo is respected in Canada and abroad.

Zipporah arrived in Canada over 15 years ago and settled in Mississauga, where she raises her beautiful daughter Lexine.   Even with the heavy engagement split between her own family and community service, she always finds ways and time to connect with and help other

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