Abeingo Canada: Honors

Our work and activities as an organization are drawn entirely from the resources contributed through the magnanimity of individuals outside our organization and the voluntary contributions and sacrifice of many of our members. Our members in particular toil year in, year out to make the events we organize successful.
Abeingo Canada Service Award: Who is honored?
The Abeingo Canada Service Awards were developed to honor persons who have made significant contributions to the Abeingo community and mankind through their time, actions, talents and dedication (outside any volunteer work done for their employer). The honoree selected should serve as a role model for compassion and service and be striving to make the world a better place. He/ she should have a passion for helping others and for supporting and/or furthering ideals of the Abeingo community. The Awards were started in the year 2009.
Any member of the Abeingo Association Canada or/and the Kenyan community may be nominated with the exception of any members of the eligible communities performing acts for which they are paid. Members of the awards committee may be considered so long as they or a member of their family do not participate in any voting that may be required to determine the awardee in the year they are nominated.
Criteria for Selection
Persons being nominated for this award will have consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion, and service to the community either through an organization or directly through a variety of volunteer activities in a number of years (not less than 5 years). The charitable activities / events or service listed on the application cannot be part of the nominee’s job description or duties and the individual cannot receive any monetary or personal benefits from their involvement. Individual contributions through works of art or science that go beyond the call of duty that promote and preserve the culture, socio-economic wellbeing of the community will be eligible for consideration. 
This year 2019, we bestowed a special honor to two of our members who have immensely contributed to our community through their volunteer work, and material resources. They were the late Derick Lwugi (posthumously) and Zipporah Malemo.