Abeingo Association of Canada (Abeingo) is an Ontario-based not for profit, non-political and non-denominational membership association that seeks to empower members economically through social support.


Abeingo Association Canada is a membership organization. Our membership is open to all communities, though our core membership was originally drawn from Kenyans in the diaspora who hailed from Western Kenya living in Canada.

We seek to elevate the Abeingo community by developing the next generation of leaders and promoting greater awareness of our community and culture to the Canadian mainstream. We are comprised of professionals, business entrepreneurs and college students who are passionate and committed to advancing the well-being of Abeingo Association in Canada.

We strive to provide and cater to the needs of our community so that it can prosper and thrive within the fabric of the Canadian society. We do this by nurturing a community of smart, creative, and interesting people; our members.

Membership is by invitation only.


Our cause. Abeingo helps members empower themselves and transform society through the power of collaboration.

Our value proposition. Abeingo connects great ideas and great people to inspire leadership and achievement within the association community.

Our promise. Abeingo provides exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, and essential tools that make you and your organization more successful.

Our guarantee. Our goal is to provide truly exceptional offerings and service, and we won’t be happy until you are.


Trust – uphold the public’s trust through responsible management of resources

Inclusiveness– recognize, respect, collaborate with and respond to the diversity within the association

Respect – interact with and support all people in a fair and honest manner that accepts diverse contexts and abilities

Quality – strive for excellence in all of the programs and services we offer

Adaptability – be flexible and responsive to challenges and opportunities and continually evolve as an organization


Support members. Abeingo members of all ages and careers come together to support each other and the community they love. By pooling their resources, members can increase the impact of their giving.

Build knowledge. Abeingo is the definitive source for ideas, tools, and resources for the diaspora.

Foster community wellbeing. Abeingo’s exceptional programs enable the association community to consistently produce superior results.

Abeingo network engages and collaborates with other associations, government and industry partners in a diverse, global, welcoming community.

Our Constitution