Welcome to Abeingo Association Canada!

Abeingo Association Canada is a member – driven not-for-profit organization founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2007. The association was established as an Ontario-based not-for profit, non-political and non-denominational social association with the purpose of empowering members economically through social support, and intended to serve the general interest of members through self-help and promote understanding among them through cultural and social interaction.
Abeingo community is growing here in Ontario as well as other provinces such as Alberta. Credit goes to our members who have been faithful and loyal ambassadors in selling our success story to potential members. There has been steady growth in membership since the organization’s inception in 2004 when it started off with 12 members. Like any other member driven organization, Abeingo’s future growth and expansion will greatly depend on the diversity and numerical strength of its members. In fulfilling our mandate through one of our objectives of promoting mutual aid and assistance, we have embarked on fundraising activities in support of AIDS orphans and their families in Kenya. We believe your presence will bring added value to our organization. Below please find the breakdown of payments and details of our bank account.
We believe your presence will bring added value to our organization. This package is for you to use as a reference to familiarise yourself with our mandate and values as well as the monetary contributions that help us run the organization. It also includes a breakdown of payments and details of our bank account. 


Abeingo provides bereavement support to its members in terms of financial and social support.

The death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. Bereavement can be even harder if you are live in the diaspora. It can make you feel very alone because you are far away from family members. Being with others who have similar experiences and who do understand what you are going through can be vital at this time.


Financial support

Death is unplanned; it takes the sick, the young, the old, and the strong.  Being bereaved has significant financial implications. One needs funds urgently to travel home or assist in funeral expenses. In addition bills need to be paid. Yet there is no way to get a cash payment quick enough to cover funeral expenses.

Members of Abeingo have pooled resources to support each other financially whenever a member is bereaved. This is in form of a pre-determined amount that is instantly provided to all members whenever they loose a loved one. The funds can be used by a bereaved member to travel to Kenya to be with their loved ones at their final send off, pay for funeral arrangements and pay bills in Canada while the member has traveled.

Social support

Being a member of Abeingo can decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness and provide a community that helps you to process feelings of grief and loss. Group members not only support each other by validating and normalizing their experiences and emotions but they can learn coping skills from each other. The opportunity to share your narrative and be able to grieve openly helps to start the journey to recover.


Abeingo members benefit from low interest loans. These loans assist individuals with money for rent, moving expenses, security deposit, car repair or used car purchase, and business expenses. The loan terms are very favourable.


Throughout the year members are supported through various personal activities through the welfare committee of the association. Abeingo members can assist each other put up birthday parties, graduation events and prayer events for those who are sick. We also have summer barbeques whereby we invite guests to showcase the organization.

“To lose your loved one through death is a very traumatic experience. In the Diaspora the level of trauma is unexplainable. When you lose a loved one in the Diaspora, you suddenly realise that you have to mourn for your loved one and still manage all the processes to ensure that your loved one is provided with a warm sendoff. You realise that where you would be treated as a ‘child’ if in Kenya, where all the decisions are made by older relatives, family members often look to those in the Diaspora to be the ultimate decision-maker and to provide financial support. In the midst of your bereavement you have to provide time for people who come to express their condolences. That is why you need a community support group like Abeingo. Members help to lessen the burden when one is bereaved by providing comfort and support and helping you manage arragments.”
Dr. Ken Simiyu
Abeingo Member


Any person over the age of 18 meeting the eligibility criteria can request to become a member of Abeingo Association of Canada. Here are the steps to join:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the constitution
  2. Subscribe to the objectives of the association,
  3. Apply to become a member
  4. Get two members to support your application
  5. Pay membership fees