What We Do

Abeingo Canada carries out various community programs. Our core programs are:

Bursary fund: Abeingo Canada launched a bursary program in 2010 that generally aims at overcoming barriers which hamper access to education by needy students including HIV/AIDS orphans.  Over 150 recipients have benefited from the bursary. The bursary is being supported through funds raised by Abeingo Canada well-wishers. Read more about Abeingo Bursary Program

Community welfare: Each year Abeingo Canada members participate in programs geared towards helping the disadvantaged in the community. The programs include supporting seniors as they age gracefully, mental health programs, dealing with emotional stress and Physical health programs. Read More about Abeingo Community Work

We also have member specific programs

Support members. Abeingo members of all ages and careers come together to support each other and the community they love. By pooling their resources, members can increase the impact of their giving.

Build knowledge. Abeingo is the definitive source for ideas, tools, and resources for the diaspora.

Foster community wellbeing. Abeingo’s exceptional programs enable the association community to consistently produce superior results.

Network. Abeingo engages and collaborates with other associations, government and industry partners in a diverse, global, welcoming community.


Photo Courtesy Everett Wakoli

Over the past many years Abeingo has been involved with quite a number of on-going and ambitious projects, from offering Bursaries to needy children, supporting seniors in the community to health related initiatives targeting members as well as the community at large.

These programs assist newcomers and improve their quality of life by helping them become productive individuals who give back to their community.

The projects are all linked by a common thread of providing for the less fortunate, which is the foundation upon which we thrive.

Below are our main programs

Bursary fund

Mwanzo project

Seniors project